Hello world!

I studied robotics engineering because it sounded cool and then moved to AI because it sounded even cooler. After years focusing on technology for the sake of technology, I realized my work was helping exactly zero people. I quit my job and started looking for meaning.

Months went by, and all of a sudden I was starting a digital health company. “Let’s build a DTx for people with fibromyalgia!”, we said. And we set off. And we failed. But it was fun.

When I first discovered OpenRegulatory, I fell in love. They hit exactly in the frustrations we had suffered as a healthtech startup. And their products were moving in the right direction to solve them. I had to join this company.

I love hanging out with people that enjoy creating stuff. Entrepreneurs, hackers, builders, whatever you call them. They like a challenge, but every time I mention the idea of building something in healthcare, they roll their eyes and sigh. You can’t launch fast, you can’t focus on the user, you can’t iterate. “Not for me”.

I want to bring hackers into healthcare. If our work helps making this industry a bit more attractive, I would feel suuuper proud!