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OpenRegulatory Conference 2021

Jouke Waleson: What's so hard about building Medical Devices for consumers?

Jouke Waleson, easee

What's so hard about building Medical Devices for consumers?

Technology can help in offloading the pressure on the healthcare, by allowing users to diagnose, monitor or prevent health issues themselves. However, building such medical devices is surprisingly hard. In this mini case-study we'll show you how easee approached the business, technology, usability and certification of their online eye exam which can be used by lay-users without any training.

Since 2018, Jouke Waleson is CTO at easee, the SaMD online eye exam company based in Amsterdam. Jouke has a background in software development and product management at Mendix. After completing the MDD certification at easee he started the European SaMD meetup group to build a network of medical device professionals that are willing to share information and help each other.

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