OpenRegulatory Template

List of Training Documentation

This template is supposed to give you an idea of the structure. Don’t use Microsoft Word - this is thought as an Excel / sheets file.

Also, think of this as two tabs - one for initial and one for continuous training.

Initial Training

Employee Start of Employment Job Role Training #1: QMS Intro Date Due Date Completed Effectiveness Training #2: Data Privacy (…)
Jack Rack 01.04.2021 Sales Manager Applicable 15.04.2021 14.04.2021 Confirmed by supervisor Applicable

Continuous Training

Name of Training Type of Training Due Date Participant #1 Date Completed Effectiveness Check Participant #2 Date Completed (…)
Annual Data Privacy Training Recurring 01.04.2021 Applicable 14.04.2021 Confirmed by questionnaire Applicable 14.04.2021
Code of Conduct New SOP 01.05.2021 Applicable 03.05.2021 Confirmed by questionnaire Applicable 03.05.2021
Development Process Updated SOP 01.05.2021 N/A Applicable 03.05.2021

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