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Checklist: Software Release

Classes IEC 62304:2006 Section Document Section
A, B, C 5.8.1 (All)
A, B, C 5.8.2 (All)
A, B, C 5.8.3 (All)
A, B, C 5.8.4 (All)
B, C 5.8.5 (All)
B, C 5.8.6 (All)
A, B, C 5.8.7 (All)


This checklist is used to verify that documentation and activities are complete before release a new version of the product.

As with all regulatory documents, it’s more about then content than about the tool. You don’t have to fill this checklist out every time in Word / GDocs / etc., but could embed it in your Jira / GitHub workflow. The main point is that, at minimum, the items below should be checked (and documented) before you release a new version of your software.

Feel free to add further rows in the checklist if they make sense for your company. This tepmlate is pretty much the bare minimum to be 62304-compliant.


The following documents are up to date:

Item Yes No Comment
Device Description
Clinical Evaluation
Known anomalies
Risk Analysis
Usage Scenarios
Declaration of Conformity

The following activities have been performed:

Item Yes No Comment
Risks of known anomalies have been evaluated.
Usability Evaluation has been (re-)done and documented, if necessary.
Software Development Documentation is complete (Requirements, Architecture).
Software Testing has been completed.
A version number as defined in the Software Development Plan has been assigned and added as a tag to git.
Software is registered with Notified Body.
If release includes substantial change: Notified Body has been informed.
Label is applied correctly including CE marking.

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