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Polskie Centrum Bacan I Certyfikacji (Poland)

CE 1434

Polskie Centrum Bacan I Certyfikacji Capacity

Not replying to emails

Last tried 10/2022

Reviews of Polskie Centrum Bacan I Certyfikacji, a Notified Body in Poland

These are user-submitted reviews of medical device companies describing their experience working with this notified body. This includes how well-organized the notified body was, technical proficiency of the auditor, wait times and cost.

Important Notes

Notified bodies typically work with many different auditors, some of which are freelancers. That's one of many reasons which may lead to strongly varying reviews of the same notified body.

And lastly: Even though some reviews may be negative, the goal is not to rant about notified bodies. We've built this to facilitate the sharing of information between Healthcare companies. The goal is to improve Healthcare by helping everyone bring medical devices to market in a safe, predictable, affordable and fair way.

As manufacturers get to choose their notified body, these reviews should help companies choose one which is fair, well-organized and technically competent.

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