OpenRegulatory Newsletter #1: Conference

Dr. Oliver Eidel
Updated June 11, 2024

First off, why the hell are you getting this email? Simple: You signed up for our newsletter at and probably forgot about that. That’s my fault because I never actually sent a newsletter. Smart!

So, if you’ve changed your mind in the meantime, feel free to unsubscribe (“it’s not you, it’s me!”). But I hope that’s not the case. Because we have exciting news to share:

We’re organizing aĀ conference!

And it’s on September 22nd. That’s a Wednesday.

If you thought regulatory conferences, especially virtual ones, always were boring, think again! Because this one may be different.

We have a really cool line-up of speakers including people from Notified Bodies and startups. We told the speakers to not talk about abstract stuff, but instead to show real-life solutions to regulatory problems. I hope they deliver and show stuff which you’ll be able to use in your company, too šŸ™‚

We’ll also have some “virtual networking” in which we try to connect you with like-minded people from other companies. Like at a real conference. Let’s see how that goes.

That’s it! Check out ourĀ conference pageĀ for further information or head directly to theĀ registration formĀ šŸ™‚


On a slighty different note: You want to get your medical software certified under MDR but don’t know where to start? No worries! That’s why we built the Wizard. It’s a self-guided video course which helps you create your documentation yourself. No prior knowledge required. You should check it out.

Or, if you’re looking for the most awesome (in our opinion) eQMS software to manage your documentation, look no further. We’ve built Formwork, and it even has a free version!

If you’re looking for human help, did you know that we also provide consulting? We’re a small company, so we can’t take on everyone – but maybe we have time for your project? We guide startups from start to finishĀ in their medical device compliance.

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