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Read our Case Study how we enabled Exakt Health to ship their physiotherapy app in just 3 months!
And here's our other Case Study how we helped FBE ship their app, BabyCare.

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I'm a doctor by training but most recently worked as a senior software engineer in Healthcare startups.

I noticed that certifying software as a Medical Device is quite tricky. And it sucks, because consultants are slow and knowledge isn't freely available.

I currently work as a regulatory consultant. Regulatory work is not super interesting, but helping startups getting to market is. While I help those Healthcare startups, I publish my learnings here for free.

I hope that this reduces the pain for future startups (yours, maybe?) and finally enables some desperately-needed innovation in our crappy Healthcare IT Systems. :)

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Why Do Startups Fail?

Regulatory compliance can be so easy. But most startups don't get it and fail.

Read why
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