Early access registrations are open for Headstart, a predictable, fixed-price program for becoming compliant.

View easy-to-follow screencasts in which I write technical documentation for a software as a medical device.

Have a look at this example for the Software Dev Plan:

Tired of boring articles and abstract videos full of consultant-speak? You're still unsure about what you need to do?

Look over my shoulder while I fill out templates and create regulatory documentation for software.

I'll walk you through all steps. Afterwards, you will be able to write your own technical documentation.

Fair price, one-time payment, zero shadiness.


Perfect if you're a startup and just want to get your regulatory feet wet. All screencasts, 3 seats, and no subscription.

All screencasts, forever. Get access to all screencasts for life. Updates included.

3 seats. Access for up to three people from your team.

PDF certificates. Generate PDF certificates for up to three people to prove that you've trained your employees in IEC 62304, ISO 14971 and IEC 62366.

899 €

one-time, no subscription

Extra Seat

Ready to grow? Train your new employees by giving them access to these screencasts.

Automatically ensure that everyone knows what developing medical software is about.

Generate PDF certificates to prove that everyone's been trained.

You can add additional seats any time after you've purchased the Starter package.

299 €

one-time, per seat

Availability is invite-only for now.

Apply for early access

I'll be in touch in less than 48 hours.

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