Updated May 18, 2022

Template: List of Qualified Suppliers

Sven Piechottka

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List of Qualified Suppliers

NOTE: The purpose of this template is to give an idea of the structure. You are much better off not using a word document but excel / sheets for this. Also, write your categories as columns and suppliers as rows - this template is reversed due to formatting reasons.

Supplier Documentation Supplier #1 Supplier #2 (…)
Supplier Name: ABC Medical Content GmbH XYZ Medical Content GmbH  
Purchase Description: Writing Clinical Evaluation Writing Clinical Evaluation  
Supplier Status: Approved Blocked  
Quality of Products / Services 3 0  
Timeliness / Punctuality 3 3  
Cooperation 3 3  
Payment Terms 3 3  
Average Score: 3 1,8  
Date of Last Evaluation: 01-04-2021 01-04-2021  
Completed By: Jack Smith (QMO) Jack Smith (QMO)  
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) <if existing, link here> <if existing, link here>  
Supplier Certification <if existing, link here> <if existing, link here>  
Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA) <if existing, link here> <if existing, link here>  
Supplier Auditing <if existing, link here> <if existing, link here>  
Other Measures      

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