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> NOTE: The purpose of this template is to give an idea of the structure. You are much better off not using a > word document but excel / sheets for this. Also, write your categories as columns and suppliers as rows – > this template is reversed due to formatting reasons.

Supplier DocumentationSupplier #1Supplier #2(…)
Supplier Name:ABC Medical Content GmbHXYZ Medical Content GmbH
Purchase Description:Writing Clinical EvaluationWriting Clinical Evaluation
Supplier Status:ApprovedBlocked
Quality of Products / Services30
Timeliness / Punctuality33
Payment Terms33
Average Score:31,8
Date of Last Evaluation:01-04-202101-04-2021
Completed By:Jack Smith (QMO)Jack Smith (QMO)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)<if existing, link here><if existing, link here>
Supplier Certification<if existing, link here><if existing, link here>
Quality Assurance Agreement (QAA)<if existing, link here><if existing, link here>
Supplier Auditing<if existing, link here><if existing, link here>
Other Measures

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