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Sören Hornof

Hi! I am a Pharmacist with great enthusiasm for technology and innovation. Health has always been my major passion and I strongly believe that medical devices will change the world of care. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to work with progressive startups and contribute to this development.

I started my regulatory career at Vara, an AI cancer screening software in Berlin. There I had to learn that certification and documentation are a big hassle for small companies with big ideas. Nevertheless, we mastered the transition from MDD to MDR and were able to make our processes more and more agile to bring improvements to market quickly.

My experience spans software development documentation, risk management, usability engineering, and quality management systems. I am also certified as a Data Privacy Officer and enjoy adding my two cents on anything related to contracts and regulatory requirements.

I'm also big into efficiency and helping people help themselves. We can talk about concrete things, the regulations are confusing enough. I am convinced that simple processes and simple language are the key to ensuring quality in companies.


Regulatory compliance is not rocket science.

But finding a good consultant is.

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