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OpenRegulatory Conference 2021

Ben Meier: Internal Audit in a Nutshell

Ben Meier, Curalie

Internal Audit in a Nutshell

Internal Audits are useful as they can reveal your organization's gaps in fulfilling QMS requirements before external auditors notice them.

Since my start as internal auditor for our QMS, I gained some useful learnings. I want to share some best pactices on arriving at "good findings", improving your organization and making every auditor's life easier.

Ben graduated from TU Berlin as an Electrical Engineer. He first got started in the field of Regulatory Affairs by joining Biotronik as Regulatory Affairs Manager. Now, he's the Quality Management Officer and Head of QM/RA at curalie, a Berlin-based digital health platform.

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No QMS on this planet will save you from creating crappy software.