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Updated August 31, 2022

Template: Software Architecture Description

Sven Piechottka

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1. Regulatory References

Regulatory references:

IEC 62304, para. 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 [class B, C]

Relevant other documentation:

2. Software Systems

In compliance with DIN EN 62304, we subdivide our software on three levels: software systems, software components and software units.

Here, describe your internal software systems. The IEC 62304 defines those as an “integrated collection of software items organized to accomplish a specific function or set of functions.”

NOTE: Ideally, you would add an illustrating diagram to the Annex and reference it here.

2.1. Frontend

Enter description, for example:

2.2. Backend

Enter description, for example:

2.3. Algorithm

Enter description, for example:

3. Software Units

Describe your internal software units. The IEC 62304 defines those as a “software item [any identifiable part of a program, i.e. source code, object code, control code, control data, etc.] that cannot be subdivided into other items”. For example:

4. Database

Describe your databases. For example:

5. IT Security

5.1. Encryption of data

<enter content>

5.1.1. Data at rest

<enter content>

5.1.2. Data in transit

Example content:

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